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Industrial designs

An Industrial design is an artistic or styling design defining product appearance.
The industrial design patent is valid for 10-15 years.
Documents and activities necessary for the industrial design patent application to be filed.
  • Details of the Applicant: full name and residential address (if an applicant is a body corporate – its full corporate name and registered office address);
  • Details of the authors (full name and residential address);
  • Details of the priority application (if necessary);
  • An image of the industrial design in various views: general (3/4 front), front, rear, side, topside and underside;
  • A drawing (if necessary);
  • A Power of Attorney.
The Applicant’s Power of Attorney may be provided within two months since the date of filing within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

We will assist you in addressing the issues arising when employing a patent, namely:
  • Keeping a patent valid within the period of its lifetime;
  • Registration of changes in the name or address of the holder or author;
  • Registration of a license agreement on the grant of patent employment rights;
  • Registration of an agreement of the patent assignment.
We represent trustors’ interests at:
  • The Board of Appeals of the National Center of Intellectual Property;
  • The Supreme Court Patent Chamber of the Republic of Belarus.