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Intellectual property

We invite you to get acquainted with the criteria of protected intellectual property in more detail:

Intellectual Property Document of Title Term of validity Subject matters Protection if
Trademark certificate 10 years + n*10 years Graphic, verbal, combined, three-dimensional Registrable
Industrial design patent 10 years + 5 years Artistic or styling design defining product appearance New, original, exploitable
Invention patent 20 years Design, technique, substance, microbial strain, plant and animal cell cultures as well as employment of previously known design, technique, substance and strain for its new intended purpose New with inventive level, exploitable
Utility model patent 5 years + 3 years Design of production facilities and consumables as well as their components New, exploitable
Geographical indication:

* Appellations of origin
** Indication of origin of goods
* certificate
** not registrable
10 years + n*10 years Geographical indication or description identifying goods as originating from the territory of any country, region or place within it where its quality, reputation or other features largely associated with its geographical origin are defined Quality, reputation or other features of goods largely associated with its geographical origin are defined
Plant varieties patent 25 years from the date of registration Group of plants irrespective of patentability being defined by features characterizing the very genotype or genotype combination as well as being different from other groups of plants of the similar botanic taxon at least by one feature Being novel, distinguishable, uniform and permanent
Topographies of integral circuits certificate 10 years Three-dimensional geometrical arrangement of the aggregate of integrated components and their couplings recorded in tangible form Original topology established as a result of the author’s creativeness