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An Invention is a novel engineering design with inventive level and feasibility.
Inventive subject matters: design, technique, substance, microbial strain, plant and animal cell cultures as well as employment of previously known design, technique, substance and strain for its new intended purpose.
The patent is valid for 20-25 years.
By your order we will be pleased to provide any essential activities associated with patenting of your engineering design.
Documents and activities necessary for the invention application to be filed
  • Details of the Applicant: full name and residential address (if an applicant is a body corporate – its full corporate name and registered office address);
  • Details of the authors (full name and residential address);
  • Details of the priority application (if necessary);
  • Description, definition of the invention, abridgement, drawing set (if necessary);
  • A certified copy of the priority application (if applying for Paris Convention priority);
  • A Power of Attorney.
As well, we will be pleased to assist you in addressing the following issues associated with the further use of invention:
  • Keeping a patent valid within the period of its lifetime;
  • Registration of any changes in the name or address of the holder or author;
  • Registration of a license agreement on the grant of invention use rights;
  • Registration of an agreement on the invention assignment.
We represent trustors’ interests at:
  • The Board of Appeals of the National Center of Intellectual Property;
  • The Supreme Court Patent Chamber of the Republic of Belarus.